I am pumped about UFC 205!  I have arrived in Vegas and will be dropping cash on the fights after I research the best lines in the casinos.   I am a little apprehensive, but nothing a Vegas and UFC addict can’t get over with some cold drinks.  Attending UFC 194 was a grand time but left me feeling bruised.  I lost all 6 fights I bet on. Nothing hurt deeper than losing $1200 in mere seconds when McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo.   This was a few dollars more than the cost of my seat at the MGM Grand.  I am a McGregor fan, but admittedly I over thought this fight and thought the hype train would end.  I put my money where my mouth was followed by lots of liquor to wash away the pain.  Never again will I bet against this guy.  Check out the Irish for McGregor at the MGM at UFC 194.